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Our Mission

Foster a culture of creativity & innovation, promoting and developing services and products that will bring a positive change to capacity development in Nigeria.

Our Services

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Recruitment Services

Betaworka has been recruiting across Nigeria since 2012 – in that time we have successfully recruited.....

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Discreet Headhunting Services

Our Headhunting Services are extremely detailed and client focused......

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Training Services

We are a fully registered career & training development company and can offer training .....

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HR Unit Set Up

If your business is looking to or getting ready to launch, setting up your human resource function ....

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Organization Design Services

Our highly experienced consultancy team at Betaworka has vast experience...

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High End-Consultancy Services

We manufacture potential opportunities & partnerships by connecting...

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Who we are

We are an indigenous capacity development company that is more than just a run-of-the-mill business. Betaworka is an unconventional & creative human capital solutions firm where we make big things happen through a growth mindset, daring and unconventional creativity & disruptive innovation.

We are a service provider trying to integrate it all – business.....

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Our Philosophy

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We are grounded in Kaizen Theory and aspire to operate as a Teal Organisation. What this means in practice is that we love to focus on continuous improvement in what we do, and encouraging our partners to do the same, thereby creating a supportive work environment where employees can act with wholesome empowerment, accommodate non-destructive mistakes to encourage innovation, high level of creativity, transparency and authenticity.

We want to do more impactful, more profitable work for more appreciative clients. Everything should always be improving, and it can — but maybe not without us. With us, your best days are ahead of you.

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