About Us

Partnering for Success & Profitability

Who we are

We are an indigenous capacity development company that is more than just a run-of-the-mill business. Betaworka is an unconventional & creative human capital solutions firm where we make big things happen through a growth mindset, daring and unconventional creativity & disruptive innovation.

We are a service provider trying to integrate it all – business excellence with positive company culture, profit with purpose, growth with sustainability, all bound together into one rewarding social enterprise.

Our mission is to “Foster a culture of creativity & innovation, promoting and developing services and products that will bring a positive change to capacity development in Nigeria”.

We try to fit the needs of our partner-organizations, our clients and the world at large into mutually satisfying results. We don't do ordinary. We burst through boundaries.

Meet the Team

We are comfortable being the geniuses behind the scenes, but sometimes people want to know who we are, and that is absolutely fine. We do hope you contact us in the nearest future for any of our services, so we can get to meet one another and discover how best we may serve you, for mutually beneficial and rewarding purposes.a

What we do

We are a team of business-savvy consultants. We are all in, sleeves up, hats down, and get the job done kind of people. We are committed to the development of individuals and organizations to enable them to improve their performance with a measure of creativity, innovation and a Kaizen mindset.

We are strategically positioned to develop capabilities of individuals and organizations to be able to meet business & customer expectations and improve their personal lives. We deliver, that’s our obsession. You can call us an agent of change!